MYNAME To Make A Comeback, But Not So Soon…

MYNAME To Make A Comeback, But Not So Soon…
Photo Credit: H2Media

By Janine Bower | October 3, 2012

Last we heard, rookie group MYNAME was preparing for the release of their second single album for the beginning of this month. In an unfortunate turn of events, MYNAME’s agency H2Media reported this week that their comeback has been delayed. And here we were getting ready for another October comeback…

H2Media recently released a detailed apology to MYNAME fans through their official fancafe at Daum. The agency promised that the five boys of MYNAME are working as fast as they can in order to “come back with a better image in the shortest time possible” and humbly requested MYNAME fans to wait just a little longer.

Right now there is no confirmed comeback date, and the originally scheduled dates for MYNAME’s comeback stages have also been postponed. H2Media covered all their bases, offering their apologies and promising refunds to MYNAME fans who had already pre-ordered the group’s comeback single.

In the meantime, let’s remember what amazing talents MYNAME has to offer by seeing how far they’ve come since their debut last October. How can we forget their “Message” MV?

Should we expect more of the earworm-y goodness we’ve already heard from MYNAME in their comeback single?

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