More on 2NE1′s Comeback Next Week

More on 2NE1′s Comeback Next Week

By Corynn Smith | June 27, 2012

2NE1 fans are probably more than ready to catch the ladies live at their New Evolution world tour ASAP, but who can complain about a quick comeback in the meantime? Following CL’s “Are you ready?” image teaser earlier this week, Dara and Bom are the next two ladies to make an appearance on the YG Life Blog. Not only are they working the camera, their photos give us some essential info about 2NE1′s album release next week.

Image Credits: YG Entertainment

July 5 is the day to look out for 2NE1′s new album, as shown in Dara’s photo. Of course, you might have missed the numbers after glimpsing Dara’s daring hairstyle change. You have to admit – for a female K-pop group, shaving the side of your head is pretty edgy. Props. YG has also confirmed “I Love You,” the words in Park Bom’s photo, to be the lead track on the album.

The girls are in for a busy couple of months, considering that as soon as live promotions for “I Love You” wrap, 2NE1 will kick off their world tour, New Evolution. The tour is gaining massive attention for being the first girl group world tour for Korea and for boasting internationally known production staff members. On board to travel with 2NE1 are choreographer Travis Payne, who worked with the late Michael Jackson; Divinity Roxx, the leader of Beyonce’s tour band; and designer Jeremy Scott, who will be in charge of everyone’s stage outfits including backup dancers.


Image Credit: YG Entertainment


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