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Minzy’s Teaser Photo And 2NE1′s Comeback Plan

Minzy’s Teaser Photo And 2NE1′s Comeback Plan

By Corynn Smith | June 29, 2012

Last on the 2NE1 image teaser list, but certainly not least) is dance machine and group maknae Minzy. We’re less than a week out from new 2NE1 tracks in our headphones, and boy, are we excited.

Image Credit: YG Entertainment

Following the theme of informative teaser photos, Minzy names July 8 as their first comeback performance date, which is set for live music show Inkigayo. If you missed the teaser photos, check out CL’s, Dara’s and Park Bom’s, here and here.

Remember how 2NE1 dropped “I Am the Best,” “Hate You” and “Ugly” within weeks of each other last summer? YG Entertainment recently dished out details of what to expect with this new album, and apparently, they will be reprising that strategy again this year.

In an effort to focus on each song rather than the album as a whole, 2NE1 will be using a staggered release schedule. “I Love You” will be available on July 5, but the next track won’t hit us until three weeks later, right before the ladies kick off their world tour.


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