Met, We Certainly “Feel You”

Met, We Certainly “Feel You”
Photo Credit: Digital Record

By Janine Bower | September 20, 2012

Perhaps matches and poofy hair are a winning combo we just didn’t know about. It’s not what you think though, we don’t have a pyro on our hands… right? Indie group Met lights up a new MV that burns with soft-spoken indie flavor in “Feel You,” from Digital Records.

Met’s mission is to bring back the kick of groups like Radiohead and Led Zeppelin with their take on classic British rock. Take a listen and see if their mission was accomplished:

If Met was going for the flashbang of British punk rock, or the pounding musicality akin to Zeppelin, they kinda missed the mark in “Feel You” because this song is so much more chill. But we like Met’s use of English, and how lead singer/bassist Lee Yeon Su rings in the experimentation of flighty vocals asking: “What can I do, I don’t know what to do?” We’re not sure, but we’re listening, Yeon Su. We’re here.

Met plugs away at the melancholic beat of “Feel You,” right until the very end where the track abruptly stops on a bitter minor note. While it seems like one of those tracks that you have to just “get,” you can still nod along to its soothing rock sound if you don’t. After leaving their mark on Korea’s Hongdae district, which some would argue is the Liverpool of Korea today, Met’s brand of indie Brit rock plans to break out into the UK sometime soon.

Is it your cup of tea? Does Met’s “Feel You” stick in your head or fall flat?

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