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“Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad” Says Kim Tae Woo In Teaser

“Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad” Says Kim Tae Woo In Teaser
Photo Credit: LOEN Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 28, 2012

Former g.o.d lead singer turned solo K-pop icon, Kim Tae Woo, has just released a comeback teaser. Titled “Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad,” Kim Tae Woo’s teaser promises the return of his amazing voice in a melancholy ballad with a twist.

The teaser for “Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad” starts off with a monochromatic motif, and is purposefully depressing as actor Ryu Seung Bum surveys a demolished room. As he moves towards the camera, an emotive piano line does well to craft the overwhelming mood of this teaser. Suddenly, his face lights up colorfully, right as Kim Tae Woo’s voice rises into a stunning vocal overture. While “Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad” sounds like quite the depressing tale, it’s great to see that Kim Tae Woo has crafted a much more uplifting piece than we had expected.

If you didn’t know, Duble Sidekick produced this song, and recently shared the news that Kim Tae Woo would also be on board for the release of his own album. While Duble Sidekick plans on releasing that album sometime before the year is out, Kim Tae Woo plans on releasing the full MV for “Looking At Myself Makes Me Sad” on October 4.

Does this track bring to mind any of your own sad memories? Bring out the tissues…

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