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LOEN Artists Release First Collabo Track For Summer Story

LOEN Artists Release First Collabo Track For Summer Story

By Corynn Smith | July 27, 2012

Loen Entertainment sub label Loen Tree dropped its first music video this week for the collaborative album Summer Story. Its lead single, “Moonlight Sea,” sung by top female solo artist IU and Loen’s upcoming girl group FIESTAR, is a sweet melody perfectly matched up against the backdrop of a whimsical camping trip.The ’80s synth pop opening riff immediately brings  A-Ha’s hit “Take On Me” to mind, which sets the mood for IU and FIESTAR’s fun and carefree stay in the wilderness. Production team Tae Bong & Sizer and lyricist Kim Yi Na did excellent jobs infusing the track with the exciting feel of a summer adventure.


Loen Entertainment commented to Sports Choson, “We hope fans will show lots of love to IU and FIESTAR. Also, please continue to show your interest as well for the artists participating in the second title track, which is scheduled for release next week.” Who will collaborate under Loen Tree next?


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