Let’s Get This “Farewell Party” Started With Goddess

Let’s Get This “Farewell Party” Started With Goddess
Photo Credit: LOEN Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 28, 2012

What happens when you piss off the wrong band of biker chicks? You might not want to ask Goddess, the rookie girl group who just released their debut MV for “Farewell Party.” Because these goddesses have some really hot tempers…

Racing off with their debut MV’s “gangster concept” are the four members of Goddess. Their debut single’s title “Farwell Party” sounds like a paradox; who wants to celebrate saying goodbye to someone? Surely if you were as ready as Goddess member Bitna to be rid of your crappy biker boyfriend, (see ZE:A member Dongjun for further details), you’d want to release your own fiery rage too, right? Maybe a party is just what Goddess needs.

Of course, when the teasers for “Farewell Party” came out, we were slightly disappointed that Goddess didn’t show off their dancing skills, which we know they definitely have. Once again, “Farewell Party” denies Goddess’ Dance Academy roots, going instead for the dramatic story of biker romance gone awry. Seriously, look at the dance practice video for Goddess’ live stages of “Farewell Party” to see the talent this MV missed out on.

Now did you or did you not want to see some of that awesomeness in Goddess’ full MV for “Farewell Party?”

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