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Let’s Get Robotic with T-ARA’s “Sexy Love”

Let’s Get Robotic with T-ARA’s “Sexy Love”
Photo Credit: Core Contents Media

By Janine Bower | July 17, 2012

Coming out this month with a post-apocalyptic grind are the revamped ladies of T-ARA. Sporting member changes and all the action of a summer sci-fi blockbuster, “Day By Day” came off strong and long when it released not too long. Ten minutes in, and we got a taste of their upcoming single, “Sexy Love.”

The repackaged deal called Mirage will release on August 15, complete with a “pantomime robot” spin. The new single also comes to T-ARA fans as the fourth installment in a string of hits produced by Shinsadong Tiger (“Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly,” “Lovey Dovey“), “Sexy Love” is the jam to the toast of “Day By Day.” Much like the “Cry Cry”/”Lovey-Dovey” slow/fast combo, as evidenced by its preview around the 10:23 mark in “Day By Day,” this track is shaping up to be yet another of T-ARA’s strong dance hits.

As for that whole “To Be Continued” thing, we’re hoping “Sexy Love” can finish off the thickened plot line. But with word that October 15 will be seeing “T-ARA’s Effect,” we wouldn’t put it past Core Contents Media to sling us another cliffhanger. Fingers crossed, be sure to check out the dance version of “Day By Day.”

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