Kim Wan Sun Ends Hiatus with The Beer Album and “Today” MV

Kim Wan Sun Ends Hiatus with The Beer Album and “Today” MV
Photo Credit: Marie Claire Korea

By Janine Bower | September 11, 2012

Lauded as the “Madonna of Korea,” Kim Wan Sun has crafted an epic career since her debut at 17-years old back in 1986. Twenty-six years later, she’s ended her recent hiatus of about a year and five months and returned with a new album, entitled The Beer, and a music video for the song, “Today.”

Drink it up, guys, you’re in the presence of a mega-star. The Beer, which contains four tracks (one of which is an instrumental version of her single, “Today”), boasts an impressive spread of various genres. The EP contains both the softer ballad-esq track “Benjamin,” and a re-released version of ”Can Only Feel,” her collaboration with Korean electronica heavyweight Clazzi. While the new arrangement on “Can Only Feel” showcases an airy side to Kim Wan Sun’s vocals, “Today,” the third and most important track on this album, has a softer pop ballad feel that Kim Wan Sun masters with ease. While we’re happy “Today” has its own music video, we hear tell that another MV for “Can Only Feel” is also in the works…

The Beer is one EP with enough of everything that one could ask for from a solo female artist. You’ve got the out-there spaciness of “Can Only Feel,” the silky smooth feel-good style of “Benjamin” and the slowed down breeze of “Today.” As if we didn’t already know that 26 years of experience can make for an extremely well-rounded musician, it’s like Kim Wan Sun strives to make every one of her tracks count even more. Quality over quantity, we’re glad Kim Wan Sun is back again.

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