Kara Excluded Gyuri from Meetings with Their Lawyers

Kara Excluded Gyuri from Meetings with Their Lawyers
Photo Credit: DSP Media

By MTV K | January 18, 2011

Four of Kara’s members, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Jung Nicole, Kang Jiyoung recently announced the termination of their exclusive contracts from DSP Entertainment.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds was why their leader, Park Gyuri, was not included in the termination of their contracts.

Kara’s lawyers say that during all of the meetings they held with the four members and their parents in the past two months, Gyuri was not present at any of them. However, their four members did not mention why she was excluded.

Gyuri released a statement saying that she was unaware of these proceedings and found out through the news.

Their lawyers say that it has already been a year since they first submitted complaints to their agency and termination of their contracts was discussed in full since late last year.

Kara has said that they will not be renegotiating their contracts any further and have no desire to stay with DSP Media.

As of now, DSP Media has not released an official statement but has filed to trademark the “Kara” name which would prevent the four members from promoting under “Kara.”


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