Kangin Meets With Friends Before Leaving for the Army on July 5th

Kangin Meets With Friends Before Leaving for the Army on July 5th
Photo Credit: Kangin Cyworld

By MTV K | June 18, 2010

SM Entertainment has confirmed that Kangin applied for earlier enlistment and it was accepted on June 12th. Earlier reports stated that he would be joining the military in October but this means he will be enlisting on July 5th in the Nonsan Army Camp. He will begin the process of going through five weeks of training and then will rejoin the public in 2 years.

Kangin has been out of the spotlight for the past year after his DUI in October of 2009 and will be the first Super Junior member to enter the army. He did come to the Super Junior fanmeeting in May  to express his thanks and said, “This is where I get strength from, Since the new album of Super Junior, the fans continued to cheer on them as they started their activity, I will show my best as I enter the military and I will be back as a better man and I will work harder.”

On the 16th, one of Kangin’s friend’s uploaded a picture of him to his Cyworld and left a encouraging message. Many celebrities have been able to comeback from their prior mistakes after joining the army so I know Kangin will be able to rejoin Super Junior then — at least that’s what everyone is hoping. 화이팅 Kangin! We’ll be waiting.

“Kangin ah~!
Preparing for the first match, (he) called saying he is able to come~
After preparing in a rush, welcomed Youngwoon here ^^
Watching the match together while eating and chatting…
Watching the him that has been suffering recently
Thinking back on the happy times in the past and smiling and laughing like this,
Someone once told me…
To let someone who has been working hard to work harder is not possible…
This fellow has to eat some nutritious food when he enter the army ya…
Thank you Youngwoon ~’~
Come often ^^”


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