K-Pop Star Finalist Baek Ah Yeon Debuts with “Sad Song”

K-Pop Star Finalist Baek Ah Yeon Debuts with “Sad Song”
Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 10, 2012

Former K-pop star contestant Baek Ah Yeon debuted this week with her first album, I’m Baek, plus a music video for its lead single, “Sad Song.” Despite her elimination from the singing competition show, the first season finalist impressed judge J.Y. Park enough that he signed her to his sub-label AQ Entertainment. Already gifted with considerable vocal skill, Ah Yeon was deemed ready for action after only a few short months of training with the company.

The title tells us all we need to know about the theme of her single — this song, a lamentation of a devastating breakup, is sad. However, rather than coming across as depressing, the tune and music video are pleasant to listen to and watch.

“Sad Song” begins with a quiet melody accompanied by an acoustic guitar and slowly builds in emotion to the point where, it totally makes sense that stuff is blowing up around Ah Yeon in her chair of solitude. The MV, featuring model Ahn Jae Hyun as the ex-boyfriend, is in black and white except for Ah Yeon’s bright blue dress, courtesy of a cool chroma-key effect.


“Sad Song” has the potential to be one of those oft-performed tracks on competition shows like, K-pop Star or American Idol. It’s emotionally charged yet requires control, simple, yet riddled with high-notes and moments that let the singer’s voice really shine. This seems like a good time to give composer Super Changddai and lyricist J.Y. Park their propers. They done did good.

Also notable are the puns in the album’s title (“I’m Back” / “I’m Baek”) and her official YouTube channel (100ahyeon = the number 100 is 백/baek in Korean). So cute.


Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

01. “Sad Song”
02. “Stay”
03. “Love Love Love”
04. “Always” ft. 2PM’s Junsu (Jun.K)
05. “You’re Leaving”

Want to track this release from the beginning? Check out the MV teaser here.

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