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JYP Successfully Concludes ‘Fan Day’ Event

JYP Successfully Concludes ‘Fan Day’ Event

By Corynn Smith | August 6, 2012

The first (hopefully annual) JYP Fan Day event just wrapped yesterday. The party, which ran from August 3-5 at the Platoon Kunsthalle, featured artistic installations centered on the artists’ fashion, albums, pictures, MVs and MV making films. Free caricatures and hennas, patbingsu (a delicious shaved ice dessert), chances to wear the various outfits worn by the artists, and various other exciting activities were all made available on site. Oh, and by the way, attendees did all the above alongside their favorite idols.Representatives from JYP Entertainment expressed their excitement to have their artists interact directly with fans in a more intimate fashion. Rather than be limited to regular stage performances or fan meetings, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, Joo, San-E and JJ Project were able to spend time and get to the know some of the fans that support them.

Yenny, Lim, Suzy, Fei and Chansung personally made and handed out coffee and snacks.Wooyoung and Junsu transformed into DJs at a booth and played fan-requested music. Taecyeon, Yubin, Fei, Suzy and Junho did caricature body painting and henna, while Sohee, Joo, JB and Jr. greeted fans with bracelets. Sun and San-E took it a step further, performing intimate performances for the fans in attendance.

All Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment on Facebook

All this took place around the JYP Nation 2012 concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on August 4. The next stopson the JYP Nation Tour will be in Japan on August 18 and 19.

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