JYP on JYPE: Details About His Comeback, Wonder Girls’ US Album, and 2PM!

JYP on JYPE: Details About His Comeback, Wonder Girls’ US Album, and 2PM!

By Corynn Smith | April 25, 2012

We would say that JYP Entertainment is about to get busy, but that would sound as if they haven’t been already! After 2 years, Park Jin Young‘s own comeback has arrived, along with more exciting news about his fellow agency artists. J.Y. Park is back!

Over the last few months, J.Y. Park has taken on a number of projects. Between acting ventures The Five Million-Dollar Man (movie) and Dream High 2 (KBS drama), producing mini-albums for 2AM and miss A, US promotions with the Wonder Girls, and judging for K-POP Star (SBS music competition program), he’s made time to go back into “artist mode,” as he called it. How does he find that time, you ask? Check out his mobile music studio, located in his car!

Photo Credit: JYP's Twitter

His me2day went more in-depth with details, revealing that the Wonder Girls’ US album is finally finished, along with the title track for their new Korean album. He also promised a “quick surprise” this summer for 2PM fans who can’t wait until their new album in the fall of this year. A surprise and two new albums? Be still, our Hottest and Wonderful hearts!

According to Nate, JYP’s next mini-album, Spring. Five Songs I’m Sending to a New Love, will contain “styles and music never before heard from J.Y. Park.” Interesting – will he move away from the R&B/Soul/Pop intersection that he’s been grooving to since his debut? We’ll have to wait and find out about the rest of the album, but so far the JYP vibe is still there.  He released the first song from the album, “Someone Else,” a duet with Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In, at midnight on April 22. Midnight on April 29 will bring another track, “You’re the One,” which tells the story of a “flashy-looking male celebrity and a normal girl.”


He expressed a little nervousness about coming back after 2 years in his me2day post, but we see no reason for him to be, what with him being a immensely popular artist as well as a hit-making producer, composer, and lyricist. Are you familiar with JYP: the producer, but new to JYP: the singer? Take a listen to some of his hit singles from past albums and see for yourself why he’s earned the tagline, “the Asian Soul.”

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