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JYJ’s Xia Junsu Denied Coverage From SBS?

JYJ’s Xia Junsu Denied Coverage From SBS?
Image Credit: MTV K

By Janine Bower | October 9, 2012

To the dismay of his fans,  JYJ‘s Xia Junsu was supposedly denied media coverage from SBS when he performed at a concert last night. Xia Junsu went on stage to headline the 32nd National Para Games Opening Ceremony,  just as SBS crews decided to suddenly pack up their gear and leave….

According to a variety of fan accounts, Xia’s name had been advertised as a performer for the 32nd National Para Games Opening Ceremony concert. One of the flyers for the event which honored handicapped athletes, did in fact feature Xia’s name amongst a host of other performers, including ZE:A, Secret and MBLAQ, said to be performing.

Photo Credit: 32nd National Para Games Korea

Yet after the night’s performances were covered by South Korea’s Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Xia took to the stage as the last act of the evening, SBS’s camera crews put away their cameras and did not film any of Xia’s headline performance. Despite this blatant disrespect for the JYJ member, who also received this type of treatment from other Korean broadcasting companies, Xia gladly performed for his fans.

In response, the Twitterverse has been abuzz with support for the JYJ member, after Xia tweeted the following:

Photo Credits: Xia’s Official Twitter

“Since when did I start harboring this desperation that I feel whenever I want to meet you all.. Whether I’m broadcast on TV or not isn’t what’s important.. To all those who were with me today, I love you~♥ ”

“Though my performance wasn’t broadcast today.. it was such a happy, and above all, meaningful time for me as I was able to spend it with all of you.. Remember only those feelings of joy, and have a safe trip home^^ I love you.”

That’s when Xia’s brother Kim Junho tweeted:

Photo Credit: Kim Junho's Official Twitter

“I just heard about yesterday’s incident that happened at my brother’s performance.. This is just too much and it breaks my heart.. But I’m really proud of Junsu, he did the best he could for his fans in such a situation. I heard his last song was ‘Fever’ and I hope he’d go for it just like the lyrics of the song..!! [one of the lyrics being "I will overcome everything" meaning Junho hopes Junsu can overcome this situation...] I support all of you and fighting!! [a Korean phrase roughly translated as 'Don't give up!'] ”

Further Twitter support came from Xia’s recent collaborator and Sony Music producer, Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, the songwriter behind Xia’s recent English single, “Uncommitted.”


Photo Credit: Bruce Vanderveer's Official Twitter

While it is unclear the exact reasons behind SBS’s refusal to record Xia’s performance, there is a chance that it is because Xia is a member of JYJ, the controversial group which split off from SM Entertainment‘s idol group TVXQ three years ago. Currently, JYJ is embroiled in a legal battle against SM Entertainment. Now under C-Jes Entertainment, it was ruled in court that any manipulation done by SM Entertainment to deny JYJ media coverage would be reprimanded by a fine of up to $17,000 USD.

There is currently no proof that SM Entertainment had anything to do with this recent SBS fiasco. It’s just that his fans have been very sensitive to the lack of media coverage surrounding any of the JYJ members, and quick to point fingers towards Xia’s former entertainment company. Either way, the fact remains; Xia was denied air coverage at the 32nd National Para Games Opening Ceremony concert, which is a slight to a headliner of any event.

Why do you think that happened? What’s the real story behind SBS and Xia Junsu?

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