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JYJ Vs. SM Entertainment: The Battle Rages On

JYJ Vs. SM Entertainment: The Battle Rages On
Photo Credit: Yonhap News; SM Entertainment

By Janine Bower | July 19, 2012

You’d be hard pressed to find a K-pop fan who hasn’t heard about this lawsuit. Back in 2009 Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, formerly of TVXQ fame, filed a lawsuit to terminate their supposed “illegal” contract with SM Entertainment. Three years, counter-suits and endless postponements later, a final decision was supposed to be announced by July 19. Unfortunately, that still didn’t happen.

Long story short, JYJ filed a lawsuit in the summer of 2009 to prove the invalidity of their unfair contract with SM, and also, to receive damages. SM filed a counter-suit to prove the validity of their exclusive contract and to demand payment for lost revenue and damages. The courts ruled against SM’s counter-claim earlier last year, so JYJ could continue in their activities as part of C-Jes Entertainment free from SM’s exclusivity clause.

Side note: SM was also under the suspicion of disruption of JYJ’s activities (mysteriously cancelled KBS programs, concerts etc.), and was ordered to pay 20,000,000 Won (~$17,700) per proven disruption. Finally, all of the proceedings surrounding the invalidity case that JYJ filed three years ago finished on June 19, with the final decision concerning the matter to be made one month later.

That final decision will not be coming so soon, however. Thanks to yet another delay (one of six since May), the final ruling will be announced on August 10 at the Seoul Central District Court. Are we seeing the light at the end of this hard battle’s tunnel? With fanwars and the court of appeals in mind, we can only hope for the best.

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