JoKwon’s Prelude Track Title Revealed and More Collaboration Name-Dropping

JoKwon’s Prelude Track Title Revealed and More Collaboration Name-Dropping

By Corynn Smith | June 15, 2012

Big Hit Entertainment dropped more hints about Jo Kwon‘s solo album this week, from the name of the prelude track to a couple more photo teasers. But when the K-pop general public thinks of Jo Kwon, the first two things that spring to mind are 2AM, and kkap (over reactive, energetic actions; in Jo Kwon’s case, his dance parodies)—neither of which are anything close to the Dark Jo Kwon concept we were introduced to last week.

The first images were very vague, but now that we have a clear shot of him in his DJK getup, it’s much easier to get a feel for the direction Big Hit wants to take him in.


Image Credits: Big Hit Entertainment

Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the two images we’ve got here: black leather, chains asymmetrical haircut and a spiked boot that even Gaga would be proud of —all tied together by the title of the prelude track, “Animal.” Wild and mysterious, indeed.

Photo Credit: Bang Shi Hyuk's Twitter

Remember all that collaboration name dropping we did last week? We’d like to add one more to the list. Kanye West’s mix engineer Ken Lewis participated in this album as well, and gave it top priority. Rumor has it that he even pushed back schedules with Kanye and Justin Bieber  so that he could focus all his energy on Jo Kwon. Producer Bang Shi Hyuk added more weight to the rumor when he tweeted a photo of Ken Lewis’ work board and said, “Mix engineer Ken Lewis’s board. Do you see Kanye West’s name written together with [Jo] Kwon’s title song, ‘I’m Da One?’ This day, Kwon is a singer who came before Kayne West.” (via Newsen)

“Animal” will be released on June 18, followed by the full album on June 25.

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