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“Jang Woo Young, 23, Male,” White Hair, Badass

“Jang Woo Young, 23, Male,” White Hair, Badass

By Janine Bower | June 28, 2012

2PM member and recent solo album voyeur has final released a teaser for his upcoming album, simply titled, Jang Woo Young, 23, Male, Teaser 1. Set to hit in July, want to know what we can expect from the new soloist?

Well, musically, the teaser doesn’t reveal much. Using effects akin to the soundtrack in an industrial horror movie, Woo Young is on a dark stage, out of focus and on the edge. As he walks, the members of 2PM are left behind while he takes his place in solo stardom. We’re guessing that their initial gathering together as unit signifies the group’s support of Woo Young’s first time solo efforts. Meanwhile his shocking white hair and new physique (see Real PM’s Men’s Health Making Of for further reference) leave Woo Young’s boyish charms in the dust.

What the teaser also reveals is that Woo Young’s 23_Male_Single will come out on July 8. Until then, we’ll just have to guess what his first mini-album is going to sound like.


Image Credit: JYP Entertainment

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