It’s Time To Treasure FT Island’s “I Wish” MV

It’s Time To Treasure FT Island’s “I Wish” MV
Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 10, 2012

The five treasured members of FT Island have just released a music video for “I Wish.” Right off of Five Treasure Boxtheir first full-length album in three long years, we’re wondering if there’s more to FT Island’s treasure other than this MV.

The best thing F.T. Island’s comeback single has to offer, is evidence of their surefire musical growth. “I Wish” has all of the classic FT Island pop-rock energy, laced with latin flavor. The track kicks off with a spanish guitar riff that maneuvers its way down into some intriguing tango-like progressions. Then, the chorus picks up into an energetic change-up, a pop sound led by the shimmying rocker vocals of lead singer, Hongki. There’s definitely some genre mayhem afoot.

As for some of those “treasures” we were talking about, FT Island’s comeback is rife with goodies. First, the lead female actress in this music video is actually from FT Island’s label, FNC Entertainment, and a member of the recently debuted girl group, AOA. Her name is Hyejeong, and much like her labelmates, she even knows her way around a guitar. We’re so excited to see her participate, because we got another shot at scoping out the rookie potential of an AOA’s member.

Want more treasures from FT Island? Their album not only has five tracks composed by each of the group’s members, but Five Treasure Box features five of FT Island’s most popular and self-composed Japanese tracks from their earlier albums. What’s better than that? Maybe, FT Island album jacket photos with each member showing off their individual ‘treasures’….

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment

Lead singer Hongki with his pet dogs


Member Jaejin with magazines, comic books and snacks


Member Jonghun with his exercise weights


Member Jaejin with his television and teddy bear


Member Seunghyun with his music, headphones and guitar

Wow guys, way to be totally adorable. And thanks for offering this bountiful treasure trove of comeback presents.”I Wish” I had as many cool treasures to play with too….

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