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It’s ‘Party Time’ with the “Sexy Free & Single” Men of Super Junior

It’s ‘Party Time’ with the “Sexy Free & Single” Men of Super Junior

By Janine Bower | July 4, 2012

You can bet we’re “ready to bingo” with “Sexy Free & Single,” the latest popping MV by Super Junior.

As common with Super Junior MV standards, their once again ten-member group is forced into a large room for this MV. But something about their cohesive energy has lit up this dance-in-the-room MV with dare we say, swagger? Their styling is bold and eclectic, while their attitude plays out with confidence only mega-stardom can afford. As for their moves? They jive with glossy finish thanks to Devin Jamieson‘s choreo.

What’s most interesting is that on a streak since Bonamana, this MV is number five in Suju’s videography using a ten-member format. Seven of Super Junior’s MV’s have featured the full 13 members. They also have five videos to date as a 12 member group, thanks in part to their early days as Super Junior 05 (and member Kyuhyun‘s absence). Sure, some pioneer Super Junior fans might yearn for 13 members, but this ten member format is well on its way to becoming Super Junior’s main MO. Although, 13ers (anti-fans from their Don’t Don days) can rejoice in original member Kangin‘s successful return to the group despite Heechul‘s absence.

Check out “Sexy Free & Single” below and let us know what you think.

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