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Infinite’s Comeback Date Announced

Infinite’s Comeback Date Announced
Photo Credit: Woolim Entertainment

By Chris Choi | May 4, 2012

Since their last promo-run (for Paradise in 2011), Infinite hasn’t released any new Korean music. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t kept busy. They made their debut in Japan, held a solo concert (with an encore!) and various members went off to pursue solo activities, like L acting in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Sunggyu and Woohyun’s musical debut in Gwanghwamun Sonata. So what now?

Get excited Inspirits because Infinite just announced their comeback date! On May 15, the  boys will be releasing their new album and they look pretty ready to dominate the stage yet again. On Infinite’s official website, an image just below their comeback date and logo reads: ”Infinitize,” along with the teary-eyed caption, “20120508 Only Tears”.  A possible hint at their title track?

Woolim Entertainment also announced a plan to have Infinite hold five showcases around Korea on that very same day. Hitting Gwangju first at 9 AM, the showcase tour will finish in Seoul at 8 PM. In the age of Youtube, fans in Seoul will probably know the showcase forwards and backwards by the time Infinite gets there, but at least no one  can say that Infinite doesn’t work hard!

In the teaser, the boys are shown in an American football locker room, although for some odd reason they walk out dressed in no condition for a football game. Last time football was featured in K-pop, the members of Girls’ Generation were donning cheerleading uniforms for “Oh!” Hopefully Infinite isn’t planning on actually playing in skinny jeans….

Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think!

Infinite – Comeback Teaser


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