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Infinite Releases Mini-Album INFINITIZE and MV

Infinite Releases Mini-Album INFINITIZE and MV
Image: Woollim Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | May 16, 2012

Keep your seat belts fastened, Infinite has released mini-album IFINITIZE and the MV for title track “The Chaser!” Fresh off the success of their worldwide concert broadcast on April 1, Second Invasion – Evolution, the boys are back with their signature synchronized dance moves.

OK, let’s list some things that just aren’t news anymore: the sky is blue, grass is green and Infinite is a well-oiled, dancing Autobot.  The MV for “The Chaser” alternates between intricately choreographed dance sequences, and various scenes involving motorcycles and a car in a painfully slow-motion barrel roll. Remind us never to let Myungsoo drive us anywhere.

The lyrics for “The Chaser” are from the perspective of a guy who tells the girl he loves to stop hurting and come be with him instead. Check out the MV below, check out how different the guys have look since last comeback. Is it just us, or is there a lot more eyeliner and hair dye this time around?



01. “Infinitize”
02. “The Chaser”
03. “Feel So Bad”
04. “Summer”
05. “Only Tears”
06. “I Like You”
07. “With…”

Woollim Entertainment was nice enough to gift fans with an audio teaser for the mini-album, sharing snippets of all seven tracks over two and a half minutes. Producer Be Mine,” as well as KARA, f(x), SS501, Nine Muses and Rainbow, collaborated with the guys again on INFINITIZE for title track “The Chaser.”


Stay tuned to MTV K for more K-pop updates!

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