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Infinite Gearing Up for Another Sold Out Concert

Infinite Gearing Up for Another Sold Out Concert

By Janine Bower | July 27, 2012

Earlier this month Infinite dropped word of a special summer concert series in the works. Wanting to hold a five-day showcase in a more intimate setting for their fans, all 10,000 tickets for That Summer flew off the digital shelves in an astonishing fifteen minutes.

When the tickets went on pre-sale through Interpark, Infinite’s idea of a “sentimental concert” crashed the servers, and continued their concert sell-out streak for the third time in a row. Last spring their first two solo concerts rocked Seoul after selling out immediately, so their track record careens into a not-so-surprising conclusion. But the intimate setting of a 2,000 seat venue for five days at the AX Korea marks Infinite’s sensitivity to their fan’s needs after extensive promotions in Japan. You do know that they sold out their concerts there too, right?

Coming back to Korea to promote the fun of a summer concert in such a communicative setting will do well to reestablish Infinite’s connection with their hometown fanbase. In the meantime, Infinite’s Japanese single for “She’s Back” dropped right before they’re expected to return in August—from the 8 to the 12, to sold out seats and summer entertainment.

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