“Hurry Up,” 24K Are About to Debut

“Hurry Up,” 24K Are About to Debut
Photo Credit: Choeun Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 5, 2012

We are so stoked to see Choeun Entertainment‘s newest boy group, 24k, debut. Using the members from Choeun’s former group 4K, 24K (pronounced two-four-k) added a few more dancing members to their group, and the move managed to multiply 24K’s promise. September 6 at midnight KST is when this group will officially debut, but the teaser for 24K’s debut music video, “Hurry Up,” says it better than we ever could. Hurry up, or you might miss something really gnarly that’s about to shake up the K-pop scene.

First we caught on to 24K’s deal with their dubstep-heavy teaser that featured the group’s leader, Cory. The teaser showed us the dance machine killing it in a parking garage as a fast-moving car ran donuts around him. (Uh, we’re not making that up.) Of course, this latest teaser for “Hurry Up” doesn’t have a car in sight, mind you it’s only 20 seconds long. But, like a crushing rabbit punch to our K-pop loving ears, this teaser sounds like like an electrically-charged Backstreet Boys’ song. Then right at the end, the lead chorus line— “pali wa” (how you say “hurry up” in Korean)— tears it up. Pretty cool 24K, pretty cool.

Sure “Hurry Up” is only a teasing snippet of what’s to come, but we know this group’s got the goods. Choeun Entertainment released a “Drama & Action” teaser for 24K’s debut, which features nearly a minute’s worth of edgy cinematography, some pretty sick dance moves and actual physical combat. Cooler than that  is the “Drama & Action” teaser’s sound. Is that a reggae backbeat I hear colliding with a dubstep crank? Wicked.

Your debut teasers sound sweet as hell 24K. September 6, “Hurry Up” yourself.

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