Huh Gak, Your MV, It… “It Hurts”

Huh Gak, Your MV, It… “It Hurts”
Photo Credit: A Cube Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 17, 2012

Alright, everyone, get your tissues. You’re going to need them. Tear-jerking his way onto this powerful single comes Huh Gak, and his MV for “It Hurts.”

Huh Gak was once known as the “Paul Potts” of Korea from his time as a Super Star K2 contestant. Now he’s a ballad heavyweight at A Cube Entertainment. If you didn’t know already, Huh Gak’s voice is glorious and moving, and that’s never been more apparent than in his latest single. More stunning, however, is the subject material in “It Hurts.” Fighting the pain of having to deal with the medical bills of your significant other is difficult enough, but apparently the leading male’s lady friend suffers from amnesia and doesn’t even recognize him. This music video is such a soap opera, but here we are wiping our eyes nonetheless….

“It Hurts” rings in some heart-wrenching imagery and subject matter, all while Huh Gak’s vocals overlay these lines: “I look at you but you don’t see me // I call out to you but there’s no answer.”

Ouch, right?

At the same time, we’re not really surprised that Huh Gak is trying his hand at another single with a gripping story line. Does anyone remember how hard it was to watch Huh Gak’s “I Told You I Want To Die” featuring Beast’s Junhyung? Now the MV for “It Hurts” trades in bloody punches for hitting people over the head with bricks, and some medical drama, too. Huh Gak is a man that does not mess around.

Did Huh Gak’s “It Hurts” hurt you as bad as it did us? Go on, let it all out in the comments section below…

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