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Have a Glass for Old Times with Davichi’s “Just the Two of Us”

Have a Glass for Old Times with Davichi’s “Just the Two of Us”
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By Corynn Smith | March 18, 2013

The return of Davichi is upon us! Fans have been patiently waiting since the ballad duo teased their second studio album with the pre-release singleTurtle” two weeks ago (and long before that). Today, they finally graced us with the digital version of Mystic Ballad 1990 and believe us, it was worth the wait.

Mystic Ballad‘s lead single “Just the Two of Us,” or “Let’s Have a Drink Together,” asks for one last meeting with a lover who left. The lyrics wonder wistfully: if we get drunk will our relationship be rekindled? Or will I finally be able to let you go?

The “Just the Two of Us” MV goes back and forth between shots of a lonely night at a restaurant and warm flashbacks of happier times.

Rather than make their big comeback with just their single on a broadcast music program, Davichi introduced several tracks from Mystic Ballad on Kim Shin Young‘s radio program today. The decision must have been a good one, because many of those tracks from the digital release are currently dominating Korea’s major real-time music charts.

Mystic Ballad 1990 will hit brick and mortar stores on March 20 and will feature an offline-exclusive track with Verbal Jint.

Mystic Ballad Tracklist

01. “Story of a Person”
02. “Just the Two of Us”
03. “Turtle”
04. “Didn’t You Say You Loved Me?”
05. “So Delicious I Could Cry”
06. “Our Time is Different”
07. ”Melting” ft. Verbal Jint*
08. “Nagging”
09. ”Have Courage to Break Up”
10. ”You Are My Everything
11. “Just the Two of Us (Instr.)”
12. “Turtle (Instr.)”

*Available on physical album ONLY

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