“Hand” Us Some More Rude Paper, We Can’t Get Enough

“Hand” Us Some More Rude Paper, We Can’t Get Enough
Photo Credit: Rude Paper Korea

By Janine Bower | September 11, 2012

Wonder what’s our pick for coolest track on Rude Paper‘s first ever full-length album, Paper Spectrum, so far? If the MV for their single “Hand” has anything to do with it, that may be our final answer….

At first, the bluesy reggae vocals of member Koonta (with stacked cred since 2006 via his work within the duo, Koonta and Nuoliunce) ring in as an ethereal intro for the “Hand” MV. Then right before a digital de-evolution, thanks to Rude Paper member, Real Dreamer, enter the dubstep smackdown. Koonta’s raspy vocal acrobatics create a mystical push-and-pull effect as the bassline drops. Then we’re left helplessly in tune with the click and flow of this track’s beat.

“Hand” is just one of sixteen tracks off of Rude Paper’s full-length debut album, Paper Spectrum. Among them is Rude Paper’s bizarre rap/reggae/dubstep creation, “Don’t Believe It” featuring Korean rapper, Sean2slow, which reared its weird-ass head a few months ago in April. Two other collaborations of note include the boss addition of Dok2 to the album’s track “Answer,” and Miryo (of Brown Eyed Girl fame) feature on the song “Freaky High.” As Miryo has already collaborated with Rude Paper, specifically on a track for her solo album, entitled “Revenger,” let’s just agree that this second collaboration needed to happen. Rude Paper, you’ve just made us the happiest little reggae dubsteppers in the world….

If you haven’t pick up a copy of Rude Paper’s album already, Paper Spectrum is available now on all major Korean music sites. You can even get familiar with it before you buy it by taking a look at the album’s tracklist below.

1. “Radio 2012″
2. “Rain Drop” (Interlude)
3. “비오는 밤에” (“Rainy Night”) listen to the audio teaser here
4. “Don’t Blame Me”
5. “Who’s Got the Power”
6. “Mama, I’m Home”
7. “Hand”
8. “Freaky High” feat. Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo
9. “믿지 않아” (“Don’t Believe It”) feat. Sean2slow
10. “She is Smiling” feat. Moo Woong of Baechigi
11. “와다민” (“What I Mean”) feat. Naomi
12. “Answer” feat. Dok2
13. “You Are Not a Loser” (2nd edit)
14. “꿈인걸 알아” (“I Know It’s a Dream”) feat. Paloalto
15. “Dream” feat. Kala MC
16. “Realise”

Photo Credit: Rude Paper's Official Facebook

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