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GLEE Snags “Gangnam Style” for Upcoming Setlist

GLEE Snags “Gangnam Style” for Upcoming Setlist
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment; FOX

By Janine Bower | November 5, 2012

Yes, “Gangnam Style” fans, the day has finally come. As you might have already figured out, making waves on the international pop circuit means that eventually Fox Network’s television series Glee will want a piece of you. Of course, the cast could just be really amped to try out their horse dance skills….

Love them, loathe them or just plain recognize them, the Glee cast has covered more of our favorite pop songs than anyone we know. Taking on everybody from Goyte to Michael Jackson, it’s safe to assume that if your song makes it onto Glee, you’ve “arrived” in some way or another. We’ve already seen how successful Psy has made himself over the past couple of months, so we didn’t really need Glee to reaffirm his popularity.

But deep in our hearts we knew it was only a matter of time before Glee tried their hand at the viral sensation. How weird do you think it’s going to be seeing K-pop on FOX come late November?

Glee actor Kevin McHale, who plays Artie Abrams in the show, said it himself: “You know we had to do it.”

But did they? Did they really? What are your thoughts on the upcoming cover?

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