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Girls’ Generation Releases Japanese “Paparazzi” PV

Girls’ Generation Releases Japanese “Paparazzi” PV

By Corynn Smith | June 15, 2012

We know we generally cover the Korean activities of K-pop idols, but how could we pass up a Girls’ Generation production? “Paparazzi,” the lead single to their upcoming Japanese album, is oh-so-GG: snappy, addictive and hard not to at least tap your foot to.

Interesting audio cameo in the PV—the ladies enter the performance space in slow motion to a sample of Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain.” Reportedly, the PV is GG’s most extravagant one yet, with 300 people cast for the theater audience, 120 staff members and over 30,000 light bulbs. Also uploaded onto SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel was a performance version that showcases the choreography uninterrupted. Watch them both here:

“Paparazzi” is right up there with “Twinkle” in terms of glitz and glamor. Is this a new direction for Girls’ Generation, or just a coincidence?

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