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Get Your “Cray-on” with G-Dragon’s Latest MV

Get Your “Cray-on” with G-Dragon’s Latest MV
Image Credits: YG Entertainment; "Crayon" MV on YouTube

By Corynn Smith | September 17, 2012

G-Dragon livened up this past weekend with the digital release of his first mini-album, One of a Kind, and the music video for its lead track, “Crayon.” Prepare to either bust out laughing or start seriously jamming—maybe even both.

Head. Shoulders. Knees. Toes. // Swag? Check. “Crayon,” which has nothing to do with the beloved coloring instrument and everything to do with inviting you to get your crazy-on, is a hype hip-hop/electro club anthem with confident lyrics and infectious energy.

In the MV, G-Dragon invites us to a party, which we’re not entirely too sure isn’t just happening in his head… (He was on a shrink’s couch early in the video, being analyzed by… himself. Hmm….) There’s also ballet, GD in drag, a Power Wheels truck, jazz-ercising, among other things pretty high on the cray scale. Trust us, it’s awesome. Just go with it.


All six tracks on the digital release of One of a Kind were well worth the in-between time span of GD’s albums. Each track is well fleshed out and worthy of the lead single spot, proving just how hard G-Dragon worked on this mini after releasing his 2009 album Heartbreaker. Especially living up to their pre-release buzz were mid-tempo dance duet “After All” featuring an unknown member of YG’s mystery girl group, and the cool hip-hop/indie-rock duet “Missing You” featuring Jaurim‘s Kim YoonA. Keep an eye out for the bonus track “Light the Fire” ft. Dok2 and Tablo on the physical copy of the album. We hear the three-way rap collaboration is pretty sick. Order yours now at the one and only YGeShop.


Image Credit: YG Entertainment

01. “One of a Kind
02. “Crayon”
03. “After All” ft. ?? of YG’s New Girl Group
04. “That XX
05. “Missing You” ft. Jaurim’s Kim YoonA
06. “Today” ft. Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan
07. “Light the Fire” ft. Dok2, Epik High‘s Tablo (Bonus Track; Included on hard copy release)

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