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“Gangnam Style” Gets a Mitt Romney Makeover, Psy Signs with Scooter Braun

“Gangnam Style” Gets a Mitt Romney Makeover, Psy Signs with Scooter Braun
Photo Credit: Christopher Halloran/, YG Entertainment, Forbes Magazine

By Janine Bower | September 4, 2012

America, what in the Sam Hill is going on? First, Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV tops over 100 million YouTube views after it premiered in July. Then, an entire stadium full of L.A. Dodgers fans catch the “Gangnam” dance wave. And now, Psy is not only signing onto an American record label via Justin Bieber‘s manager, but the Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, is even down for some “Gangnam Style” dancing. Well, it’s not actually Mitt Romney who has a newfound love of K-pop….

On August 31, The Tonight Show poked fun at Mitt Romney using the now infamous song, “Gangnam Style.” Jay Leno claimed that the Republican Nominee for The United State’s 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney, was trying to reach out to his younger demographic with the wildly popular Korean hit. Digitally placing Mitt Romney’s face onto the body of a “Gangnam Style” dancer, hilarity ensued on The Tonight Show, thanks to some really amazing editing.

For a second there, you actually thought it was him didn’t you?

Now our question is, what does Psy think about all of this? We already know that he never expected “Gangnam” to be such a big hit in the States. But mixing in a presidential candidate into the already massive response he’s been getting? How does he feel about that? In all likelihood, he might be too busy to notice the hilarious parody, because he just signed onto Scooter Braun‘s (Justin Bieber’s manager) label. Psy officially has American representation now via Schoolboy Records, a sub-label of Universal Republic, while his original label, YG Entertainment, will continue to represent him in South Korea. Cool, right?

In a recent video uploaded to Psy’s official YouTube, Scooter Braun can be seen discussing Psy’s next step in the American market over a few glasses the Korean rice wine, Soju. Check out Psy and Scooter Braun’s merry-making below.


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