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Ga-In’s Comeback Is In Full “Bloom”

Ga-In’s Comeback Is In Full “Bloom”
Photo Credit: LOEN Entertainment

By Janine Bower | October 5, 2012

Could Ga-In be any more exquisite than she already is? Looking at her latest music video for “Bloom,” that’s much too hard to say. Off of her comeback solo album Talk About S, this Brown Eyed Girls member is back and better than ever.

The music video for “Bloom” like the rest of Ga-In’s teasers from her five-track solo album uses the perfect balance of cute and sexy moments. Like in her “TinkerBell” teaser released last week, she skirted the line between good fairy and bad fairy so well, we couldn’t tell which one we liked better. Now, “Bloom” in all of its six minutes and fifteen seconds of glory, shows off just enough cutesy Ga-In moments, along with flashes of a definitive sex scene with her faceless male co-star. You can’t help but be enthralled by her sex appeal, and in love with her vulnerability at the same time.

Perhaps the most enticing part of “Bloom” is the fact that the beginning of this MV showcases Ga-In’s doll-like serenity before ripping into a popping guitar line while Ga-In sexes up a dining room table. Much like the push and pull of her last solo MV “Irreversible,” Ga-In wields power just as well as she does coy femininity. In a word, Ga-In, you are flawless.

Sexy and totally fun, Ga-In’s “Bloom” is just too hot to be ignored. And you did notice that little “19″ adult sticker warning, right? Way to push the envelope girl….

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