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G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” Comeback Just Dropped its MV

G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” Comeback Just Dropped its MV
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 24, 2012

Dragons, tigers and bears, oh my. G-Dragon, you’ve done it again. Coming back for the first time in three years might look hard for someone not as talented as the leader of Big Bang. Mix in a brand-new image, some funky hip-hop sound and YG Entertainment‘s crazy awesome budget, and G-Dragon makes his solo return look effortless with the grind of his “One of a Kind” MV.

When we say tigers and bears, we mean it. Featuring a few furry additions, G-Dragon’s pets aren’t the only thing making this solo comeback MV as boss as it is. His hip-hop style, which even ventures to showcase some spit-fire rapping is completely unexpected. But remember how weird/awesome G-Dragon’s first solo debut was? Yeah, his music video for “Heartbreaker” aint got nothing on this MV.

Adventurous as it is bizarre, “One of a Kind” mixes elements of the avant-garde with a free-form atmosphere. While cool as hell, there’s just something cohesive and similar about Big Bang’s recent solo ventures. G-Dragon’s sub unit collaboration with fellow band member T.O.P formed GD & T.O.P, and their music videos for “Knockout” and “High High” also mixed bold couture fashion with the epic delivery of their collaboration tracks. But T.O.P’s solo MV “Turn It Up” bears a striking resemblance to G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” MV. Both have wild fashion, weird accessories and sexy, pants-less backup dancers. So do great minds think alike or are we just starting to see a pattern?

That said, G-Dragon is certainly “One of a Kind.” And we kinda/sorta appreciated Big Bang member Taeyang‘s prodigal return to cornrows. What do you think?

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