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f(x) Set for a Japanese Debut

f(x) Set for a Japanese Debut
Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

By Janine Bower | July 13, 2012

Riding high on the international success of “Electric Shock,” the ladies of f(x) are gearing up for a Japanese debut. They’re off to Japan as soon as their promotions end for the single, later this year.

At the moment, “Electric Shock” is lighting up the charts, and it recently grabbed a slew of number one spots on the music show circuit. This foothold in the Korean market assures f(x)’s appearance in Korean activities in the time they will spend in Japan. Plus member Sulli‘s current filming for the drama To the Beautiful You will keep the girls sticking around a bit longer.

While their schedules are still up in the air, their dive into the Japanese market is one of many in the current K-pop world. U-Kiss, 4Minute and the rookies of MYNAME have all got their own Japanese singles, albums and MV’s in the works. Luckily for Japan, f(x) is on their way too.

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