FNC Teases New Girl Group AOA

FNC Teases New Girl Group AOA

By Corynn Smith | July 18, 2012

FNC Music, the agency that brought us F.T. Island, CNBLUE and Juniel, is in the process of revealing their new idol group, AOA. The teaser website for AOA hosts photos of each of the members, with a new one per day until their debut on July 30.FNC describes AOA, aka Ace of Angels, as a “7+1 girl group.” They haven’t quite explained what’s going on with the “+1,” but the intro section of the teaser site mentions a “hidden half angel.” A mascot, perhaps?

The first three angels are Seolhyun, “The Brain Among the Angels”; ChoA, “The Angel with the Heavenly Voice”; and Hyejeong, “The Most Beautiful Among the Angels.” Technically, they have longer stage names like ‘Hyejeong.Linus’, but we’ll see how long those stick.

The sweet and heavenly angel theme makes things pretty obvious, so it’s safe to say that K-pop fans should look forward to another soft ‘n pretty girl group like A Pink and Hello Venus.

Image Credit: AOA Teaser Website

From Left to Right: Seolhyun, ChoA, and Hyejeong
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