FiX Releases MV Teaser for “She’s My Girl”

FiX Releases MV Teaser for “She’s My Girl”

By Corynn Smith | June 21, 2012

Rookie group FiX is gearing up for a comeback with an MV teaser after a five month hiatus. For those just getting to know FiX, members Nuri, Oh Song, Sungwoo and Jungwook debuted as a group just last year, but each brought individual experiences from past projects.

Nuri and Sungwoo had both been featured as rappers on other artist’s albums, and Oh Song and Jungwook had previously been part of other idol groups. FiX made their unofficial debut last year with the OST track “Please Let Me Live” for the 2011 drama Big Heat.


From the looks of things, FiX is continuing the melodramatic theme we saw earlier this year in the MV for “Please Don’t Say” which featured Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk. Since there’s not much audio in the teaser, we’re left to wonder if this will be another rap ballad. We won’t complain much if it is since they did a great job with the first two. Why mess with a good thing? Right?


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