FT Island Is All Ready For Their 2012 Comeback

FT Island Is All Ready For Their 2012 Comeback
Photo Credit: F.T. Island's Official Facebook

By Janine Bower | September 4, 2012

Alright, so you’re pumped for F.T. Island‘s impending comeback, right? Good. Well now, we’ve got a set date. …Let the “Primadonna” spaz attack commence.

We mean “Primadonna” as in their fanclub, not that FT Island isn’t a group full of primadonna-worthy coolness or anything….

Just this past weekend in Seoul, South Korea, during their TAKE FTISLAND concert, the gang dropped word of the now approaching comeback. After nearly an entire year away from the mainstream K-pop spotlight, FT Island promised the release of a full Korean album for September 10. The album, ladies and germs, is titled Five Treasure Box.

Just what treasures await FT Island fans? This album will feature five new songs and five extra songs individually composed by each of the five members of FT Island. Ten songs, unique member compositions, and apparently as the group stated, “the music color that FT Island has wanted to show,” Five Treasure Box‘s main single will be called, “You Must Be Glad.” Because Five Treasure Box is FT Island’s fourth Korean album to date (following their last full-length album Cross and Change which premiered a full three years ago), you can bet we’re mighty “glad” indeed.

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