F.CUZ’s “Dreaming I” MV Banned Already

F.CUZ’s “Dreaming I” MV Banned Already
Photo Credit: Can Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | August 9, 2012

F.CUZ returns today with a digital single and a brand new music video, which has already been banned. Sigh. Even with its ultimately positive and inspiring message, the MV featured a few undesirable moments, causing it to become unfit to air about twelve hours before its first television broadcast. Whoops.Uptempo ballad “Dreaming I”, which has the double meaning of “dreaming child” when pronounced in Korean, is an uplifting blend of strings, piano melody and a steady bass beat. The accompanying MV features each member overcoming personal struggles as they attempt to reach their childhood dreams to become singers. Too bad Can Entertainment has to re- submit the MV again for re-review.

Skipping class to join a pop group and and having dyed hair are serious no-no’s for school-age kids in South Korea, and both were cited as reasons for blocking the music video from airing. On the other hand, there were no mentions of the bullying scenes or the indoor fireworks. Interesting.



Image Credit: Can Entertainment

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