EvoL Wants to Know If You Can Keep Up with “Get Up”

EvoL Wants to Know If You Can Keep Up with “Get Up”
Image: Stardom Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | March 18, 2013

Rookie idol group EvoL returns this week with their second mini-album, an MV and a question: do you think you can handle them? Lead single “Get Up,” one of Second Evolution‘s two new tracks, demands that you step your game up if you plan on giving chase.

Short ‘n sweet at 2:49, the atypical progression of hip-hop/R&B/pop track “Get Up” matches with EvoL’s desire to stand out from the sea of idol groups and also gives fans a break from the “boring development” of today’s pop songs. (We gotta agree with LOEN on that jab — K-pop tracks do kind of follow a formula these days, don’t they?)

Check out Jucy, J-Da, Say, Hayana and Yul showing off confidence and personality in the “Get Up” MV below:

Second Evolution Tracklist

01. “Get Up”
02. “Love”
03. “Magnet” [Previously Released]
04. “I’m Sorry” [Previously Released]
05. “Get Up (White Dress Remi)”
06. “Get Up (Instr.)”





Do you think EvoL’s “Get Up” successfully deviated from ‘typical K-pop?’

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