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Donations Abound for Big Bang’s Seungri and B1A4

Donations Abound for Big Bang’s Seungri and B1A4
Photo Credit: WM Entertainment; YG Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 28, 2012

You’ve gotta love it when K-pop idols look out for the good of the community. Not only are the donation efforts of Big Bang‘s Seungri heartwarming, but B1A4 has also got some community-geared giving in mind.

The babes of B1A4 are never ones to disappoint. They’ve shown time and time again just how sweet they can be on their version of KBS‘s Hello Baby. So now that a free concert will support the health of traditional markets in Korea, B1A4 will shine through again with their winning attitude. Apparently in South Korea, the growing popularity of large-scale supermarket chains and convenience stores have put too much financial strain on family-run mom and pop stores. (Sound familiar?) Organizing their first ever talent donation concert, B1A4 will serenade the Wonju Market for four hours in hopes of livening the traditional market business in Korea. Touching? Indeed.

Want more of that heartwarming goodness? Along with his father Lee Yeon-jin, Big Bang member Seungri recently donated 100 sacks of rice to the Together Gwangsan Foundation. In hopes of helping the elderly and those in need, the highly popular K-pop idol wanted to give back to his hometown. Hailing from the Gwangsan district in Gwangju, South Korea, Seungri wasn’t always the mega-popular hallyu idol that he is today, and his generosity is as touching as it is awesome. But unfortunately, Seungri’s busy international schedule couldn’t permit his personal attendance when the rice was donated in a ceremony on August 24. However, his father Lee Yeon-jin remarked that this would hopefully be the beginning of annual charitable activities from Seungri and the celebrity’s family. So he might make the next one…

Seungri and B1A4, you guys are just too much.

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