Dok2 Is a “Rapstar”

Dok2 Is a “Rapstar”
Photo Credit: Illionaire Records

By Janine Bower | August 22, 2012

In the mood for a badass hip-hop bump from Dok2? Then try the MV for “Rapstar” on for size.

Illionaire member and often Jay Park collaborator Dok2 has hit us up with an MV for “Rapstar.” True to form, his characteristic rasp shines through this dHstudio creation, while he spits some serious lyrical artillery. Raising the bar with the speed of his rhymes, Dok2′s talent is refreshing and unquestionable. But much like the other release from his soon-to-drop mixtape, “Paranormal Raptivity” featuring Okasian and B-Free, Dok2′s hooks come off slightly repetitive. Granted, after repeating “I’m a rapstar, the way he finishes the line around 1:48 nails the point home almost sarcastically. It’s almost as if he’s trying to convey, ‘if you didn’t know by now, let me tell you how it is.’ Alright, Dok2, represent.

Dok2′s unique K-rapping essence seen in “Rapstar” and “Paranormal Raptivity” will eventually boil into a variety of tracks when the mixtape for South Korean Rap Star premieres this fall. Until then, get a load of the MV for “Paranormal Raptivity,” owner to one of the most creative names in the K-rap spectrum we’ve ever seen.

You gotta love that name…

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