Debut Girl Group BBde Girl Isn’t “Fooling Around” With Their Teaser

Debut Girl Group BBde Girl Isn’t “Fooling Around” With Their Teaser
Photo Credit: Big Star Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 21, 2012

BBde Girl, a play on the words “Vivid Girl” and standing for “Beauty Blessed de Girl,” is a girl group prepping for a fantastic debut. Getting their bearings with a teaser for their debut single “Fooling Around,” BBde Girl is a six-member girl group geared towards tearing up the K-pop scene.

Now, the teaser for “Fooling Around” doesn’t really show much, other than the fact that BBde Girl has got their Naomi Campbell walks down pat. Members Li-v, Lyulin, Nana, Son Hana, E-sea and Christine can definitely werk. But we’re not surprised because Li-v was once known as Park SuJin, the lead vocalist in the pseudo rock-pop girl group, HAM. She and her newer band mates in this teaser are just sexy enough, while the track is just as addictive. And “Fooling Around” definitely has its moments… Our favorite? When the buildings in the background start going lopsided. Funky, ladies, very funky.

Fast paced with a very solid beat, “Fooling Around,” which has been released as a single ahead of the full MV, sounds a tad like Secret during one of their faster comeback singles. BBde Girl’s rapper does also reminds us of Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls, who we adore. Overall though, it’s a nifty combination sure to “showcase the six colors of BBde Girl’s colorful charm.”

How interested are you to see the vivid colors of BBde Girl’s debut MV when it finally debuts this week? 

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