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David So & Paul Kim Re-Do G-Dragon’s “That XX”

David So & Paul Kim Re-Do G-Dragon’s “That XX”
Photo Credit: Paul Kim Music

By Janine Bower | November 20, 2012

Do we have any G-Dragon fans in the house? Any of you interested in hearing a re-done version of his summer-released single, “That XX,” in English? If you’re down for some lyrical re-imagining gone harmoniously dope, turn to funnyman David So and the California based musician Paul Kim.

Familiar with comedian David So and his hilarious antics? In case you’ve been missing out, he’s the guy who hosts those uproarious v-logs over at David So Comedy on YouTube, and he also engineered the slightly raunchier “Byuntae Style” parody of “Gangnam Style.”
What you might not know about So is that he’s got an incredible singing voice, and it doesn’t hurt that his friend Paul Kim is a self-proclaimed “starving musician.” (Remember seeing Kim in the “Byuntae Style” video?)

Photo Credit: Paul Kim Music On Twitter

Couple their ears for R&B harmony together, and you get a heartfelt English version of G-Dragon’s “That XX,” with lyrics that hit home hard. Paul Kim’s falsetto notes and his rap at around the 2:20 mark do this track right.

Featuring Abe Lim on guitar, video director Edward Park and mixdown master Zee Wong, this version of “That XX” presents a refreshing take on the Big Bang member’s track.

But which one do you like better?

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