Crispi Crunch Drop Hilarious Music Video, “MENBOONG TIME”

Crispi Crunch Drop Hilarious Music Video, “MENBOONG TIME”
Photo Credit: JSPrime Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 7, 2012

Crispi Crunch are as mischievous as they are stupid funny. So when they suffer the chaos of a pool party gone wrong, their music video for “MENBOONG TIME” hits the senses like a spazz attack hell-bent on debauchery. Literally translated as “mental breakdown,” “MENBOONG TIME” is addictive, infectious and riotously fun.

We’re just wondering why these two guys aren’t as crazy popular as Psy is by now. Crispi Crunch’s “MENBOONG TIME” is its own “Party Rock Anthem,” complete with the duo unparalleled humor. Although “MENBOONG TIME” is off of Crispi Crunch’s first album, Chuckling Time, we won’t fault these guys for not being all that popular yet. It’s just that they deserve so much more attention, specifically for their earworm club anthem and their priceless spin on what they think a K-pop star is. Making fun of themselves as much as K-pop’s too-cool-for-school attitude, the members of Crispi Crunch point a finger at the system, and laugh their partying asses off.

Let it be known, however, that while Crispi Crunch has a talent for bucking the system, last year the uncensored version of their single MV, “Thumbs Up,” brought along Crispi Crunch’s affinity for breasts and the film, A Night At the Roxbury, to a new comedic level. They even had some she-he drama. We’re not joking…

In contrast, “MENBOONG TIME” replaces the club grind of two very ridiculous horn-dogs, and moves their antics to an indoor pool. With the same silliness, just as much raunch and even a repeat performance of the champagne bottle humping we saw in “Thumbs Up,” this music video for “MENBOONG TIME” is another reason why we love Crispi Crunch.

Photo Credit: JSPrime


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