Crazyno Brings the Cray in “Musiche” MV

Crazyno Brings the Cray in “Musiche” MV

By Corynn Smith | October 9, 2012

Watch out, K-pop, Crazyno is here to crash the party. Hailing from JFC Entertainment, the solo singer/producer and self-proclaimed lunatic is turning heads with his unconventional (and side-splitting) approach to rookie idol-dom. Have you seen anyone else in the Korean pop industry dress up as Marilyn Monroe and the Joker for their debut album jacket photos? Crazyno simply refuses to take himself seriously, and that’s seriously entertaining.

The song’s title, “Musiche,” can mean “I do music” in Korean, but can also mean “ignorant” if you pronounce it more like “mushic hae.” This makes total sense, considering the MV is all about Crazyno not quite getting Korean social cues since he was born abroad in Australia.

The awkwardness is painful and oh-so hilarious as he tries to kick it with a dance crew, hit on a fly girl in a 7Eleven, and —oh man, that bird dance is the best thing ever.

“Musiche” is a modern, electro-pop song that loops retro rhythms into its hook. How retro are we talking? Here’s a hint: “Awwww, PUSH IT.”


Here are the Lunatic album jacket photos for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

All Image Credits: JFC Entertainment

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