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Core Contents Media Fires Back with Defamation Lawsuits

Core Contents Media Fires Back with Defamation Lawsuits
Photo Credit: Core Contents Media

By Janine Bower | September 14, 2012

During these past couple months of controversy surrounding T-ara, many have kept a close eye on the proceedings. See here for the recap. But according to the girl group’s label, a handful of news agencies reporting on this issue have gone too far.

Enter Core Content Media’s cry of defamation and the multiple lawsuits they have placed against several news outlets who have reported on T-ara’s controversy. Last month, Core Contents Media reported twelve news agencies to the Gangnam Police Department, claiming that they had spread false rumors and biased articles about the T-ara controversy. Following this, CCM continued to defend T-ara’s image by promising follow-up legislation against nine media outlets, some of which were from the original twelve they had reported back in August. CCM has now brought civil and criminal lawsuits against those agencies for defaming T-ara and will be seeking legal compensation for the damage caused to the idol group’s reputation.

One news agency in particular (unnamed as of now) will face multiple lawsuits, and CCM plans to report them not only to the Press Arbitration Commission for their multiple offenses but also to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. Wow, right? Core Contents’ stance on the issue is that T-ara has faced a “witch hunt” since their former member Hwayoung was removed from the group in July. CCM believes that after the incident, false rumors were spread throughout fan sites and non-credible sources, and thereafter reported on as fact by various sports newspapers, dailies, and online websites. Cause enough for CCM to be more than a bit miffed.

What do you think of the T-Ara controversy, now nearly three months in the making? Leave your comments below.

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