Converse Reveals MV for #Peepshow

Converse Reveals MV for #Peepshow

By Corynn Smith | June 22, 2012

Remember “#Peepshow,” that great Jaurim/Idiotape/Aziatix collaboration track from last month? Converse has finally revealed the music video for the very first Korean installment of their Three Artists. One Song. campaign, and boy, is it entertaining.

Not only are we impressed all over again by the artful blending of three very different sounds, but the music video elevates the song into a whole new experience. The MV for “#Peepshow” is equal parts hilarious and just plain strange, which makes it all the more funny, of course. Wait until you see what was in the package that poor delivery guy had to go through so much to hand off.


Converse describes “#Peepshow” as a “cross-pollination of three distinct music genres, weaving together the signature rap lyrics of Aziatix with Jaurim’s indie vocals and Idiotape’s electronic sound.” It’s already been praised for being a “genre-bending track [that] pushes the dial on youth expression”, while bringing an “edgy new sound to the Asia Pacific market. Fueled by Idiotape’s driving bassline, Jaurim and Aziatix bring a new dimension to the song with their lyrical commentary on youth and pop culture.” (via play.converse)

We second that. Though we would probably have shortened that paragraph just to: “This ish is awesome.”  By the way, “#Peepshow” is still available as a free mp3 download from Converse’s SoundCloud, as are past Three Artists. One Song. collabos. Good deal.

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