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Clazziquai’s Alex Leaves Fluxus Music, Will They Disband?

Clazziquai’s Alex Leaves Fluxus Music, Will They Disband?
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By Janine Bower | October 5, 2012

Don’t worry, Clazziquai fans, Fluxus Music‘s electronica trio is not disbanding. One of their members is just switching companies. Alex, an original member of Clazziquai (also known as Clazziquai Project), has just left Clazziquai’s agency Fluxus Music after his contract expired. He will now continue with the group under Shinseng Entertainment.

Alex (full name Alex Chu) is one of the members of Clazziquai, which also consists of members DJ Clazzi and female member Horan. Much like DJ Clazzi, Alex previously branched off as a solo artist with his solo album My Vintage Romance which was released in 2008, followed by his second solo album Just Like Me in 2011. While we’re glad that Clazziquai is sticking together as a group, if this agency switch is foreshadowing their disbandment, we’re just saying that Alex has enough talent to make it on is own. Just take a look at his MV for “If It’s You” from My Vintage Romance to see what we mean.

Smooth right?

We’re not exactly sure why Alex is leaving Fluxus Music, but it might have to do with a DUI that the singer was charged with in July of last summer. Despite the charge, which did not involve an accident, there’s a chance that Fluxus might have pushed Alex to switch agencies. But since he did not renew his contract with Fluxus, there’s no real way of knowing what made Alex sign with Shinseng Entertainment.

Word is that Clazziquai will be releasing a new album before the end of this year. Are you ready for a comeback from Clazziquai?

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