Clazziquai to Release Album This Fall

Clazziquai to Release Album This Fall

By Corynn Smith | June 25, 2012

Clazziquai fans, rejoice–Fluxus Music has announced their comeback after three long, long years. Their last releases were 4th studio album Mucho Punk and 4.5 album Mucho Beat back in 2009. To fans’ delight, this upcoming album will be full-length as well, rather than a mini-album or single. Alex, Horan and DJ Clazzi will finally be back together sometime this September, says a Fluxus representative. “Clazziquai is currently preparing a studio album. The members have finished recording one song, and they’ll continue working on the other songs in order.” (via enewsworld)

News of Clazziquai’s return has sent a wave of excitement through the Korean music scene, but not without an undercurrent of worry.  As it turns out, the members’ contract periods are coming to an end very shortly, so this upcoming album may be their last.

All three artists have built successful solo careers in the years since their last album together, so it’s not unlikely that even after their contracts expire with Fluxus, they might still get together once in a while to perform as Clazziquai.

For anyone unfamiliar with Clazziquai, which is also known as the Clazziquai Project, they are an experimental band whose music weaves through electronic, house and acid jazz genres. Their first couple of albums received massive online support, launching them from the underground music scene to becoming one of Korea’s most beloved groups. And fyi, DJ Clazzi composes, mixes and produces the music, while Alex and Horan provide the vocals.


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