Busker Busker Releases MV for “If You Love Me”

Busker Busker Releases MV for “If You Love Me”
Photo Credit: CJ E&M Music

By Corynn Smith | June 21, 2012

Superstar K3 runner-up Busker Busker broke into pop music consciousness earlier this year with their wildly successful first studio album and breakout single, “Cherry Blossom Ending.” Just released is their music video for their latest track “If you Really Love Me.”

“If You Really Love Me” was written by lead vocalist and guitarist Jang Bum Joon and Bae Young Jun. The lyrics describe lovers who keep missing each other’s true feelings through a series of misunderstandings. For the music video, the lovers’ sad story continues as they go their separate ways, but is juxtaposed against lighthearted BTS footage of Busker Busker’s concerts, music video shoots and fan meetings.


As it turns out, the song’s concept was inspired by a past relationship of Jang’s where he thought it was better to express his love for his girlfriend often. But the high frequency of “I love you’s” caused her to feel that he was being insincere.

It’s clear that the band is not popular for being the most technically perfect on their instruments or because they boast the best vocal talent. Instead, Busker Busker’s appeal is in how easy relatable the subject matter of their songs are. Even those who haven’t grown up hearing Korean trot music can feel the nostalgic quality of Jang Bum Joon’s voice and how well the group conveys the bittersweet feelings of lost love.

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